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Charlas Schlee – On the life and work of Schlee

Exhibit to take place on Sept 12 at 5:30 PM

11/09/2019 - 08h06

10.agenda_pucrscultura_site_600x350_charlasThe exhibit Uma Terra Só (One Only Land), at the Main Hall of PUCRS Main Library, will serve as the background for the event Charlas Schlee – On the life and work of Schlee, promoted by the Institute of Culture, on Sept 12, at 5:30 PM. The session is at no charge and will feature Maria Eunice Moreira, Luiz Antonio de Assis Brasil, Catia Goulart and Sergius Gonzaga.

About the exhibit

Featuring over 40 objects, the exhibition dives down deep into the writer’s soul and work. Among the objects on exhibit at Uma Terra Só, are some personal items of the author, such as works of art, pictures, photos, books, his Dicionário da Cultura Pampeana (Dictionary of the Culture of the Pampas), his original typewriter, the Prêmio Açoreanos he was given, a volcanic rock, an anchor, to name a few.

About Schlee

Aldyr Garcia Schlee wrote 20 books, seven of which are short stories, such as Contos de verdades, Contos de futebol and Os limites do impossível – Contos Gardelianos. In over 40 years, Schlee devoted himself to writing about Rio Grande do Sul and Uruguay, in an effort to explore the culture and tradition of the south.

In 1963, he won the Prêmio Esso de Jornalismo for a report on oil shale in Rio Grande do Sul. He was a two-time recipient of the Prêmio Bienal de Literatura and six-time recipient of the Prêmio Açorianos (for the translation of the book Facundo, and for the books Contos de verdades, Limites do impossível, Don frutos and Contos da vida dificil as well as a career achievement award).

In addition to writing, Schlee gained popularity for designing the yellow and green jersey of the Brazilian National Soccer Team, in 1953, known as camisa canarinho. Schlee held a PhD in Humanities. He served as a professor of International Law for over 30 years at the Universidade Federal de Pelotas (UFPel), where he founded the School of Journalism.


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