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Arejando o Cânone Series | Manuel Bandeira: nem lirismo nem humildade

Featuring Ronald Augusto

11/09/2019 - 08h07

2019_09_06-pucrs_cultura-agenda-arejando_o_canone-manuel_bandeira-ronald_augustoIn this edition, the series of lectures Arejando o Cânone (Portuguese for Airing Out the Canon), is proud to receive Ronald Augusto, a poet, musician and essay writer. He has written Entre uma praia e outra (2018), À Ipásia que o espera (2016), Empresto do visitante (2013), Cair de costas (2012) e Decupagens assim (2012), among other works.

Ronald will be delivering the lecture Manuel Bandeira: nem lirismo nem humildade, on the works of Manuel Bandeira (1886-1968), a central character of 20th century Brazilian poetry.

The session will take place on Sept 23, at 6 PM, at the PUCRS’ Institute of Culture, 7th floor of the Main Library (building 16). The session is at no charge and open to external audiences.

Registrations can be completed here. bit.ly/arejandomanuelbandeira.


Series Arejando o Cânone:

Arejando o Cânone is a round of presentations delivered by novelists, translators and faculty on the most important poets in world literature. The guest speakers will be discussing the historical relevance of these writers. They will also be reading and commenting on their poems, going over their translations and discussing their own relationship to the poems chosen in an effort to show the relevance of reading them in the 21st century. Arejar o cânone means going over immortal poems as we try to understand not only their significance of these writings back in the day and place they were written, but also what they can convey about our present – that is, airing out the canon so that we can get some of their feel.

Note: Students from institutions other than PUCRS must present their IDs at the reception of the building. We recommend you arrive to the event 10-15 minutes before the beginning of the session.


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