10/04/2024 - 14h15

Austria, Germany and Barcelona are some of the destinations of doctoral students from the University’s Graduate Programs

01/04/2024 - 08h33

Faculty member from the Portuguese university works as visiting professor at PUCRS through PrInt

19/03/2024 - 13h50

During the visit, opportunities were discussed to strengthen interinstitutional ties

05/03/2024 - 08h34

New connections research and researcher exchange open doors for the internationalization of the University in the fields of Education and Applied Social Sciences

11/12/2023 - 08h42

Lucas Weschenfelder, Ana Clara Elesbão, Julia Melgare and Carina Schroder are some of the students in foreign universities through the PrInt Program

27/11/2023 - 08h37

Rafael Cauê Cardoso completed his Masters and PhD in the Graduate Program in Computer Science in 2018

16/11/2023 - 10h38

Alberto Barausse is currently a visiting professor at PUCRS through PUCRS-PrInt

30/10/2023 - 13h21

Student and faculty mobility grants, starting between April and July 2024, welcome applications until December 11th

26/06/2023 - 16h34

Douglas Kazutoshi Sato meets with research groups from the University of Pennsylvania to develop new projects in collaboration

20/06/2023 - 16h32

Adriana Jou Inchausti does research in the field of head and neck cancer through the PrInt Program