22/01/2020 - 13h49

Silvia Dias de Oliveira studied findings of investigations involving South African researchers

20/01/2020 - 13h17

Augusto Jobim do Amaral went to Spain on PUCRS-PrInt

09/01/2020 - 15h00

In 2019, 40 professors visited institutions abroad on PUCRS-PrInt

07/01/2020 - 17h28

Professor of the Graduate Program in Psychology goes on Spain mission

06/01/2020 - 14h47

Denise Cantarelli Machado went to Italy on PUCRS-PrInt

20/12/2019 - 14h20

Cristina Moriguchi Jeckel went to University of Groningen on PUCRS-PrInt

18/12/2019 - 14h41

Sandra Einloft has a consolidated partnership with French institution

11/12/2019 - 11h29

Professor Ricardo Papaléo went to University of Groningen under PUCRS-PrInt

07/11/2019 - 17h43

Celia Carlini went to the Belgian University on PUCRS-PrInt