CAPES-Print Call

The objectives of the Program are:

  • Foster the construction, implementation and consolidation of strategic plans for internationalization of the institutions contemplated in the areas of knowledge they prioritize;
  • Stimulate the formation of international research networks with a view to improving the quality of academic production linked to postgraduate studies;
  • Expand the actions to support internationalization in the postgraduate courses of the contemplated institutions;
  • Promote the mobility of lecturers and students, with emphasis on doctoral students, postdoctoral students, Brazilian lecturers abroad and foreign lecturers in Brazil, linked to stricto sensu postgraduate programs with international cooperation;
  • Foster the transformation of participating institutions into an international environment;
  • Integrate other CAPES development actions into the internationalization effort.

This is a simplified version of the original public call, for reference only:

Capes-PrInt – Public Call No. 41/2017

The full version (in Portuguese) is available at the Capes-PrInt webpage.