• Theme 2

The World in Motion: individuals and society

The world we live in is dynamic and interconnected. Economic factors, urbanization standards and technological development are elements that keep the society constantly changing. Migration patterns reflect economic trends of our planet and political and humanitarian crisis, and give a new meaning to the word community. The constant violation of human rights due to increased urban violence is a major challenge for the world’s society. At the same time, we can see the emergence of a society that is globally interconnected through technology. The understanding of social development occurs in multiple ways, including welfare as well as human, economic, social and environmental development. Therefore, this Theme is intended to embrace investigations on how society adapts to these changes, which involve social and economic development, migrations, violence and human rights as well as the judicious use of technology for the maintenance of ethical aspects and rights to individual privacy.

In this sense, our efforts will be undertaken in five major directions:

(a) Human Development: Knowledges and Practices for a World in Motion, focusing on contemporary discussions about humanism in all of its theoretical, conceptual and methodological dimensions;

(b) Technology and Society in a Globalized World in Crisis, with focus on the impacts of technological development in individuals, institutions, cultures and the environment;

(c) Macro and Microeconomic Aspects Associated to Economic, Social, Human and Environmental Development, with focus on the investigation of the macro and micro economic aspects involved in the different dimensions of analysis of development;

(d) The Hidden Matrix of Violence in Contemporary Times: Crisis of Otherness, Morale and Ethics, with focus on violence after the analysis of conceptual aspects, public policies and intervention actions; (e) Migrations, with focus on the historic and conceptual perspectives and analysis of contemporary phenomena in Brazil and in Europe. Projects in this Theme embrace researchers from different Graduate Programs of PUCRS in collaboration with international universities of excellence.

Cooperation Projects