Technology and Society in a globalized world in crisis

Cooperation Project 5

Coordinator: Prof. Ingo Wolfgang Sarlet

Technology and Society in a globalized world in crisisGiven the fact that technological revolutions have such profound consequences, one might think that they should be the focus on intense ethical deliberation and play a central role in the analysis of public policies of a common objective.

If there is so much into play, it seems necessary to make a consider amount of effort to make sure we make the right decisions. However, they share some of the features of the same global trends that make us envision a gloomy and challenging future ahead of us, but also point to trends and opportunities of choice that lead us to believe in more hopeful and safer futures.

In this sense, the projects developed in the academia are essential as are the joint efforts from Graduate Programs in several academic areas to face this issue in different aspects in a cross-sectional perspective.

The project “Technology and Society in a globalized world in crisis” will congregate the efforts from the Graduate Programs in Computer Science, Law, Social Communication, Business Administration and Letters to address this problem with the employment of their unique skills and insights. The following international partners have been chosen: University of Jyväskylä (Finland), Universidade Paul – Valery III (Montpellier, France) and University of Hamburg (Germany). These institutions have a solid tradition of collaboration with the aforementioned Graduate Programs and are a reference for their intense scientific production in the areas of technology and humanities.


Adalberto de Souza Pasqualotto ORCID ID
Afonso Henrique Correa de Sales ORCID ID
André Fagundes Pase ORCID ID
Avelino Francisco Zorzo ORCID ID
César Augusto Fonticielha De Rose ORCID ID
Cristiane Freitas Gutfreind ORCID ID
Denise Pires Fincato ORCID ID
Draiton Gonzaga de Souza ORCID ID
Eduardo Campos Pellanda ORCID ID
Eugênio Facchini Neto ORCID ID
Fabio Siebeneichler de Andrade ORCID ID
Gilberto Stürmer ORCID ID
Hermilio Pereira dos Santos Filho ORCID ID
Ingo Wolfgang Sarlet ORCID ID
João Guilherme Barone Reis e Silva ORCID ID
Juremir Machado da Silva ORCID ID
Luis Alberto Reichelt ORCID ID
Mágda Rodrigues da Cunha ORCID ID
Maira Petrini ORCID ID
Marco Félix Jobim ORCID ID
Paulo Antônio Caliendo Velloso da Silveira ORCID ID
Rafael Prikladnicki ORCID ID
Regina Linden Ruaro ORCID ID
Ricardo Lupion Garcia ORCID ID
Roberto Esser Dos Reis ORCID ID
Roberto Tietzmann ORCID ID
Soraia Raupp Musse ORCID ID
Thadeu Weber ORCID ID

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