18/12/2019 - 14h41

Dean of School of Technology discusses possibility of joint research with Université Toulouse III through PrInt

Sandra Einloft has a consolidated partnership with French institution

Photo: Personal archive

Photo: Personal archive

Prof. Dr. Sandra Einloft, Dean of the School of Technology, and member of the Management Group of the Institutional Project of Internationalization (PUCRS-PrInt), went on a mission to Université Toulouse III Paul Sabatier (UPS), in France. The mission is embraced by the priority theme Technology and Biodiversity: Sustainability, Energy and the Environment. PUCRS has collaborated with the French institution for 9 years. One of the most relevant collaborators is Professor François Martin. A total of 10 collaborative articles have been published and two dissertations (under a double-degree program), advised by Sandra and Martin, have been produced.

During her stay abroad, she was mostly involved with organizing and discussing the findings of two new scientific articles that have been published jointly. “We also worked on the writing and responses to the UPS patent office on the invention entitled Composition et procédé de synthèse de materiaux nanostructure pour la capture physique de CO2,” Sandra says. In addition, the advisers set a schedule for the activities to be developed by the doctoral student of the Graduate Program in Materials Engineering and Technology, Daniela Maffi Rodrigues, who will be staying at UPS under PrInt for 12 months.

Sandra also had the opportunity to talk about PUCRS-PrInt and its opportunities with Professor Jean-Marc Broto, Honorary Dean of the Faculté Sciences et Ingénierie. Broto also serves as President of the Conférence Internationale des Responsables des Universités et Institutions Scientifiques d’Expression Française (Ciruisef).


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