19/03/2024 - 13h50

PUCRS welcomes researcher from the University of Texas at Austin

During the visit, opportunities were discussed to strengthen interinstitutional ties

Through the Institutional Project of Internationalization (PUCRS-PrInt), Anthony Di Fiore, researcher and professor from the University of Texas at Austin, was welcomed at PUCRS for various academic activities. The professor visited PUCRS with the goal of strengthening the cooperation that already exists through the Graduate Program in Ecology and Evolution of Biodiversity (PPGEB), alongside professor from the School of Health and Life Sciences, Julio Cesar Bicca-Marques.

Di Fiore, in addition to giving the lecture titled “Integrating behavioral observations and genetic data in the study of wild ateline social systems”,  was welcomed at the Office for International Cooperation by the Executive Coordinator, Carla Denise Bonan, and by Bicca-Marques. At the meeting, they discussed ways to strengthen institutional agreements and partnerships between the University of Texas at Austin and PUCRS.

In addition, they discussed the research developed between the professors on primates and the Pró-Mata Center for Research and Conservation of Nature, which Di Fiore visited. In 2023, the doctoral student from the PPGEB Vinicius Freitas Klain, advised by Bicca-Marques, carried out a sandwich doctorate, advised by the American professor, which was also discussed at the meeting, as well as the possibility of expanding these activities.


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