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Training courses, sandwich doctorate, visiting professor, postdoctoral programs and work missions: check out PrInt’s calls

Student and faculty mobility grants, starting between April and July 2024, welcome applications until December 11th

Applications are open for the Institutional Project of Internationalization (PUCRS-PrInt), with new announcements that include opportunities for teachers and students, in different learning modalities. Grants are being offered for training courses, sandwich doctorate, work missions, young talent, postdoctoral programs with experience abroad and visiting professor in Brazil and abroad. In addition, there are partner universities in every continent one can go to.

All these opportunities are meant for activities abroad starting between April and July 2024. Applications run until December 11th. 

Visiting professor in Brazil 

This proposal aims to support prominent international professors in giving courses, in-person training, workshops and seminars at PUCRS. Candidates must be associated with a host teacher from the University who can assist them during their stay. The duration of the program varies between 15 days and one month, and it can be better understood by accessing the call. 

Training Courses Abroad 

This announcement aims to offer grants with the purpose of promoting technical, scientific and educational training. These activities may take place through short-term courses, summer/winter schools abroad or grants to participate in long-distance courses. This opportunity is aimed at PUCRS’s professors and technical staff, as well as PhD students regularly enrolled in the University’s Graduate Programs. Learn more through this link 

Young Talent and Postdoc  

This opportunity is aimed at researchers who have already had established relevant experiences abroad. With that, the intention is to increase the number of Young Talents and Postdoctoral Fellows with relevant academic and scientific experience in research and/or educational activities in the Graduate Program. More information and the necessary documents are available in this link. 

Sandwich Doctorate Abroad 

Students have the opportunity to carry out a sandwich doctorate in one of PUCRS’s partner universities through the PrInt program. Applications are welcome for every research theme. More information can be found in the call 

Work mission 

PUCRS professors can go on technical visits associated with Cooperation Projects in foreign Higher Education Institutions that are considered strategic. The goal, then, is to promote and solidify international institutional partnerships, enabling the creation of international Graduate Programs at PUCRS. This call continuously receives applications for visits that last from 7 to 20 days. 

Visiting Professor Abroad 

Grants are offered for advanced studies abroad in research after the PhD for PUCRS professors. The opportunities are divided in two categories: senior, for professors who have had their PhD for over 10 years and who have evidenced leadership in academic or research environments with acknowledged productivity, and junior, for professors who have had their degree for up to 10 years and who are in the process of academic consolidation. For further orientation, see the call 

Inquiries and further information on this and other ongoing announcements may be referred to the Office of Internationalization of Graduate Programs, from the Office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies, through the e-mail [email protected]. 


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