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School of Humanities professor creates research possibilities in USA

Luciana Murari serving as Senior Visiting Professor at The Catholic University of America

Photo: Personal archive

Dr. Luciana Murari, professor at the School of Humanities’ Graduate Program in History is serving as a Senior Visiting Professor at the The Catolic University of America (CUA), in Washington DC, USA. Murari has been in the U.S. under the PrInt Program since Sept 2021 to work on the project Viagens ao coração do Brasil em relatos de língua inglesa (1923-1945). The project recreates the history, the experience and the goals of the expeditions sent to Brazil from 1923 to 1945. Under the PrInt Program, Luciana is working on the priority theme World in Motion: Individuals and Society.

As CUA houses the Oliveira Lima Library, recognized for its bibliographic and document collection, it has been chosen to survey the bibliographic production. Besides, in the U.S. capital, the researcher has at her disposal important collections and facilities, such as those of the Library of Congress, the world’s largest library.

New possibilities

With the support of this material, researchers can now find primary unexplored sources in Brazil. It is now also possible to conduct an unprecedented study on the social practice of traveling and its documentary record in the form of reports, during the period under analysis. This study will bring about several possibilities for the development of new scientific works on the themes proposed by the project.

“These studies can be developed with researchers who work on related research themes. As a result, there are many possibilities to connect with international researchers. Me coming here as a visiting professor earns the Graduate Program in History of PUCRS a great degree of visibility”, the professor adds.

Cooperation between PUCRS and CUA

PUCRS and CUA have been working on research and other academic and cultural activities in areas of mutual interest since 2019. The cooperation agreement between the institutions aims to promote the exchange of faculty, researchers and students, the implementation of joint research projects, the promotion of scientific and cultural events and the exchange of academic publications.


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