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PUCRS professors teaching abroad on PUCRS-PrInt

Osmar Tomaz de Souza and Ângelo Brandelli now serving as visiting professors in France and Italy

Professor Osmar Tomaz de Souza / Photo: personal archive

Business School Professor, Dr. Osmar Tomaz de Souza, and School of Health and Life Sciences Professor, Dr. Ângelo Brandelli Costa, are serving as visiting professors in PUCRS’ partner institutions abroad on Institutional Project of Internationalization (PUCRS-PrInt).  

Development economics on focus  

Prof. Souza is at the Centre National de La Recherche Scientifique (CNRS), France, developing research activities in collaboration with several researchers, especially Prof. Jean Paul Billaud, Scientist Emeritus of CNRS. 

“I am based at the Université de Paris Nanterre, more precisely at LADYSS (Laboratoire Dynamiques Sociales et Recomposition des Espaces), which is an international reference in research and intellectual production in studies on rural development, the environment and developmental policies”, he comments. LADYSS is a teaching and research structure with 66 statutory members from different areas, from four universities in Paris and CNRS. In addition to these, it has more than 50 associate members, from different countries. 

The Graduate Program in Development Economics has been partners with LADYSS/CNRS since 2013, as Prof. Souza conducted postdoctoral research at the institution. Both institutions have been working on mobility of faculty, joint supervisions and joint publications since then. Prof. Souza is working under the cooperation project Macro and microeconomic aspects associated with economic, social, human and environmental development, under the priority area World in Motion: Individuals and Society. 

Collaboration in Psychology  

Ângelo Brandelli / Photo: personal archive

On the other hand, Prof. Ângelo Brandelli, of the Graduate Program in Psychology, is at Università Degli Studi di Roma “La Sapienza”, Italy. The ongoing study in Europe will culminate in two articles including data already collected on barriers to access to health, motivated by discrimination based on sexual orientation.  

“The first article is almost complete and should be submitted for publication soon. My second goal was to adapt the project to other populations in order to be sent to international funding. During this period, I have held seminars to present my projects developed at PUCRS. I intend to teach two courses, on research methodology and the psychology of prejudice, until the end of my term abroad”, the professor says. 

According to Brandelli, the Faculty of Psychology at the University of Rome showed interest in signing a double-degree agreement with PUCRS’ undergraduate and graduate programs in Psychology. The researcher is working on the cooperation project Epidemiological aspects, diagnosis and drug development for neglected diseases, under the priority theme Health in Human Development. 


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