17/06/2019 - 08h30

PhD student to complete training program at John’s Hopkins under PUCRS-PrInt

Josemara Rocha to do a course on survival analysis and longitudinal studies


Josemara will stay two months in the United States. Photos: Personal archive

The PhD student of the Graduate Program in Biomedical Gerontology, Josemara Rocha, began a training program at  John’s Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, in the USA, under the PUCRS-PrInt (Call 06/2019 – Training Programs Abroad). She is working on the project Development of Innovative Technologies and Processes in Health, which is coordinated by Professor Dr Maria Martha Campos and embraced by the priority area Health in Human Development.

The program will cover the analysis of survival, analysis of longitudinal studies and epidemiological design in the renowned US institution. Josemara will also complete an observership at John’s Hopkins Hospital, with focus on geriatrics and gerontology.

Elderly research

2019_06_14_josemara_rocha_pucrs_print2Josemara’s research work involves individuals aged 90+. “We have a consistent extension project involving people aged 90+ and 100+ from Porto Alegre through a multidimensional evaluation carried out in partnership with colleagues in different academic areas,” she says.

Under the supervision of Professor Ângelo José Gonçalves Bos, the student has been studying the chance of adverse health outcomes after a cardiorespiratory evaluation performed in the households. “This is the beginning of my partnership with the US institution and I intend to promote our work in the research groups and make connections for new partnerships during the program,” Josemara added.

In the USA, Josemara will write articles and under the supervision of her advisor at John’s Hopkins, Professor Michele F. Bellantoni. She also plans to visit several research groups in order to learn more about statistics in order to complete her analyzes when she returns to Brazil.


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