Development of technologies and innovative processes in health

Cooperation Project 4

Coordinator: Prof. Maria Martha Campos

 Laboratório de Engenharia de Usabilidade de Produtos para a Saúde Over the last decade, the technology and innovation advances have made remarkable contributions to several areas in society. However, there is a lot to be made in implementing new technological and innovative models in different aspects of human health. In view of this scenario, it is extremely important to form multidisciplinary teams with a broad view in order to find solution for real problems in society, by seeking strategic partners abroad, from existing international collaborations with relevant research centers in the areas of technology and innovation in health.

Such collaborations must be geared towards the training and development of human resources, with the production of technological knowledge and products, so that its benefits be transferred to society. In strategic terms, this project is geared towards the development of innovative technologies and processes in the area of health, with a focus on the assessment of nanotechnological products, health solutions with the employment of information technologies, use of stem cells in different areas and the improvement of diagnostic methods.

As examples of that we can mention: the characterization of restorative nanotechnological products for aesthetic uses in Dentistry; investigations into the toxicity potential in nanoparticle materials used in medicine; development of computer-based technologies for facial recognition, as a method of assistance for affective disorders; the use of smartphone applications for assessing falls in the elderly; application of artificial intelligence for analysis of electronic medical charts; the employment of virtual planning strategies for surgical correction of facial deformities; use of stem cells for nerve injuries and sepsis, as well as the characterization of markers and models for investigating neurodegenerative processes.

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