04/12/2019 - 11h31

Blockchains and IoT under investigation in Newcastle University doctoral internship

Roben Castagna Lunardi to stay in UK until March 2020 on PrInt


Photo: Personal archive

Roben Castagna Lunardi, a student in the Graduate Program in Computer Science, is doing a doctoral research internship at Newcastle University, in the UK, on an Institutional Project of Internationalization (PUCRS-PrInt) grant. The student is doing research in the area of ​​systems security, using blockchains in Internet of Things (IoT). His investigation is embraced by the cooperation project Technology and Society in a globalized world in crisis, which is coordinated by Professor Dr Ingo Wolfgang Sarlet.

Lunardi, a member of the group Reliability and Security (CONSEG) at PUCRS, is now a member of Newcastle University’s research group Secure and Resilient Systems. This group’s studies are complementary to his research. During his stay at the British University, Lunardi wants to propose a higher performance, low-latency blockchain consensus in the context of IoT. “We also intend to evaluate our plans using the blockchains simulator developed here at Newcastle University”, he adds.

The way he sees it, participating in such an excellence group as this is something he cannot measure. “Everything is different. This country is a reference in education, science and technology. Research is conducted in a different way, the relationship between researchers and students from different cultures and nationalities is different, too, and so is the structure, funding and methods of teaching and research”, he adds.


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