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Visiting professor from Granada delivers lectures and course at PUCRS

Antonio Miras joined several PUCRS-PrInt activities


Photo: Camila Cunha

Professor Dr Antonio Miras, from Universidad de Granada (Spain), spent 15 days at PUCRS, working on the Cooperation Project Technology and Society in a globalized world in crisis, where he participated in several academic and research activities with members of the Research Group on Fundamental Rights. At the Law School, the professor connected with graduate school students and professors as he discussed Constitutional Law and Technology, one of his areas of expertise. He was invited to come to PUCRS after he attended the , during the International Seminar of the University of Granada, in Jan 2019, as Professor Dr. Ingo Sarlet, coordinator of the project, worked as a coordinator.

At PUCRS, Miras delivered a lecture and a short course on Law and Technology in four modules. The course counted towards the curriculum of the graduate programs. The professor also presented a conference at the XVI International Seminar on Fundamental Rights promoted by the Graduate Program in Law, intended for graduate students of PUCRS and other institutions.


Photo: Camila Cunha

After Miras’ visit, both institutions are expected to enter into an agreement for a double degree. The universities will continue working on joint research and publications, seminars, academic exchanges as well as a co-advising work with their faculty. Today, there are academic mobility opportunities for students of the Graduate Program in Law. However, the institutions are looking to expand to Law School alumni.

A long history of partnership with University of Granada

The partnership between Granada and PUCRS dates way back than the International Seminar that took place in Jan 2019, in partnership with Granada’s Department of Constitutional Law and other higher education institutions. A number of other professors from the Spanish institution have been on a mission at PUCRS. The partnership includes an internationalization research project involving FAPERGS / CAPES on the right of access to information. The project is expected to advance student exchange, seminars at PUCRS and Granada, and the joint publications.


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