09/12/2019 - 11h33

Visiting professor discusses teaching methodologies and technology

University of Barcelona professor Juana Sancho Gil cooperates with PUCRS under PUCRS-PrInt


Photo: Camila Cunha

Prof. Dr Juana Maria Sancho Gil, from University of Barcelona, has come to PUCRS in support of the cooperation project “Human Development: knowledges and practices for a world in motion”, which is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Alexandre Guilherme, under the Institutional Project of Internationalization (PUCRS-PrInt). She coordinates, together with Professor Fernando Hernandez, the group Esbrina – Subjectividades, visualidades y entornos educativos contemporáneos (Contemporary Subjectivities, Visualities and Educational Environments), an international reference in the area of ​​teaching methodologies and use of technologies in education.

At PUCRS, Gil has been working with Professor Bettina Steren dos Santos, who holds a PhD from the Spanish institution and has been a close partner with the university. In Jan 2020, Santos will begin postdoctoral research at the University of Barcelona, under PrInt.

Juana came to at PUCRS in 2018, as part of the Teaching Development Seminar, after an invitation from the Office of the Vice President for Graduate studies and Continuing Education (PROGRAD). Currently, both institutions cooperate in the research project Conectar la Universidad com el mundo y el aprender de los jóvenes (Connecting the University with the world and with young learners’ experiences).


Photo: Camila Cunha

During her visit to PUCRS, Dr Juana has taken part in a number of meetings with School of Humanities professors to continue working on the cooperation projects. She will also be teaching the workshop How do students learn? Content knowledge X complexity and the course Personal and institutional learning processes, for students in the Graduate Program in Education. On the other hand, on Nov 25, she gave a lecture on the challenges of contemporary education in an effort to reflect upon the educational process. The lecture was open to the public.


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