16/11/2022 - 08h54

Université Paris 8, in France, welcomes professor from PUCRS’s School of Humanities

Nythamar de Oliveira is a senior visiting professor abroad through the PrInt Program

Professor and researcher from the School of Humanities, Nythamar de Oliveira arrived in August at the Université Paris 8 Vincennes-Saint-Denis (France) to develop activities as Senior Visiting Professor Abroad, through PUCRS’s CAPES-PrInt Program with the priority theme World in Motion.

The professor had already been to the French institution in the past, and in this opportunity he was able to present the project to the professors at the Philosophy Department of the Université Paris 8, formalizing the partnership with the institution’s Graduate Program (PPG) in Philosophy, through professor Charles Ramond.

As visiting professor, Nythamar de Oliveira intends to publish three seminal volumes, hold meetings with professors and students to discuss the CAPES-PrInt Program at PUCRS, develop events and implement joint international projects, such as the CAPES-Cofecub and Erasmus Mundus. In addition, his time abroad will help strengthen the ties of this cooperation and should elicit a reinforcement of the researches centered around Spinoza at PUCRS’s PPG in Philosophy.

According to Oliveira, the partnership will also benefit the works in the fields of Ethics of Artificial Intelligente (AI) at PUCRS, where the Ethical and Safe Artificial Intelligence Network (RAIES) is developed, supported by FAPERGS, alongside NAVI (PUCRS’s AI hub), PUCRS’s Science and Technology Park and the Brain Institute (InsCer), endorsing the interface between Neuroethics, Bioethics and AI Ethics, all substantiated by Spinoza’s philosophy.

Partnership between PUCRS and Université Paris 8

The initiatives involving the partnering institutions have a history of interchanges steming from the formalization of a cooperation agreement with Université Paris 8, where PUCRS professors studied, such as School of Humanities researcher Norman Roland Madarasz. According to Oliveira, the Philosophy Department at Université Paris 8 is an important pivot for the interchange programs and international partnerships, because of its approach based on logic and on discursive history in which philosophy recognizes itself as a transdisciplinary test open to all fields of knowledge and experience, guiding Philosophy’s task itself towards specific interventions regarding configurations built by logic, politics, art and psychoanalysis.


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