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Universidad de Sevilla professor’s work strengthens ties with the EU

Augusto Jobim do Amaral held seminars, took part in congresses and expanded publications with the support of the PrInt Program

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Professor from the Law School and the School of Humanities Augusto Jobim do Amaral went to the Universidade de Sevilla (US), in Spain, as visiting professor through PUCRS’s CAPES-PrInt Program. In this opportunity, the researcher held open seminars, spoke in large events in Europe, developed joint researches and took part in the release of some works.

As a result of this partnership between PUCRS and the US, the books “Algoritarismos” and “A Cidade como Máquina Biopolítica” were developed, edited by one of the most reputable editors in Europe, Tirant lo Blanch. The works were organized collectively with professors from various parts of the world and financed by the European Union (EU), by Portugal’s Foundation for Science and Technology, by Spain’s Ministério de Ciencia y Innovación and by the EU’s Marie Curie Actions — and supported by PUCRS’s CAPES-PrInt Program.

During his time as visiting professor, Augusto held seminars liked to the “Cyberculture” course with US professors Jesús Sabariego and Salomé Sola, in addition to being a Máster Universitario en Biología Avanzada guest at the Seminar on Ciencia y Sociedad. With this work at the US, the PUCRS professor was also confirmed as researcher together with the Justicia Penal y Criminología da Faculdad de Derecho Research Group.

In addition, another highlight was the conference titled “Mathwashing and Criminal Justice: the AI codes in the 21st century” held at the Congresso Internacional Aplicacións da Intelixencia Artificial na Xustiza Penal, at the University of A Coruña. According to Augusto, this is one of the most reputable events in the field, with the participation of researchers from Brazil, Chile, Spain and Portugual, and which was organized collectively by the Equipe de Investigación Criminoloxía, Psicoloxía Xurídica e Xustiza Penal no século XXI (A Coruña) and by the “Instituto de Direito Penal Económico e Europeu” from the University of Coimbra, Portugal.

The researcher also participated as a lecturer at the European Congress about Fake News: la construcción del miedo, held at the US’s Faculty of Communication, which included deep discussions between the PUCRS’s professor and Antoni Muntadas, one of the world’s most awarded artist of fine arts and currently one of the most enthusiastic activists in experimental visual arts in the fields of surveillance, politics and communication. The debate gathered both the academic community and the general public, and reflected on the most common challenges in a society of control and the development of a critical subjectivity in the digital landscape.

As a final product of his time abroad, the book “Tecnopolíticas do Controle Social” will be published, also by Tirant lo Blanch, gathering the most recent works and researches, the seminars and the classes given by Augusto at the US. For 2023, a virtual event is being planned, bringing together researchers from both continents, as well as Spanish professor and student mobility to PUCRS.


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