20/06/2023 - 16h32

Researcher develops project at PUCRS in partnership with Germany’s German Cancer Research Center

Adriana Jou Inchausti does research in the field of head and neck cancer through the PrInt Program

Photo: Matheus Gomes

Researcher from the German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ), Adriana Jou Inchausti, is at PUCRS through the Capes PrInt Program, as a fellowship holder in the Young Talent with Experience Abroad category, as of April this year. The researcher will stay in the University for one year to develop a project in the field of head and neck cancer, while advised by professor and researcher from the School of Health and Life Sciences Maria Martha Campos.

The goal of the ongoing project in cooperation with the German center is to observe and understand the relationship between the oral and gut microbiota and immune cells, in order to understand if this relationship affects the success of anticancer therapy, especially immunotherapies. According to Adriana, with this knowledge, new microbiota manipulation strategies can be established to increase the success of therapies.

With her work in the PUCRS campus, the researcher has established network relationships with collaborators in hospitals and laboratories. With her stay in the University, Adriana may present her project to surgeons and oncologists from various hospitals in Porto Alegre, creating the collaboration network that will allow the project to be carried out. According to her, the initiatives aim to strengthen long-term collaboration between PUCRS and DFKZ.

“We have presented the project to professors and researchers from different fields like psychology and nutrition. This receptivity of PUCRS’s has been crucial in adding different perspectives to the project, in addition to the easy access to technology and health facilities and the excellent disposition from the team for the development of new methodologies and strategies,” the researcher concluded.


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