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PUCRS students take Sandwich Doctorate Abroad in the PrInt Program

Students head overseas to take sandwich doctorate and training in the second semester of 2022

Student Gabriela Sehnem Heck / Photo: Archive personal

PUCRS doctoral students have internationalization possibilites through the PrInt Program, with 6 ou 12 months experiences abroad. In 2022, 9 students of different Graduate Programs (PPG) of the University took sandwich doctorates in partner institutions of the project.

The PPG in Education student Gabriela Sehnem Heck is in the United Kingdom, in the Newcastle University, for the duration of one semester developing her project at the Great North Museum: Hancook, investigating how people with disabilities build up their science capital and how the sciences museums could assist in this process. The student is advised by the School of Health and Life Sciences researcher José Luís Ferraro and by the Newcastle University professor Pamela Woolner. According to the doctoral student, the experience has been her internationalization dream come true, as well as an incredible opportunity of personal and professional growth.

“The opportunities I am experiencing here are unmatched for my qualification and academic journey, because living in a different country for the first time and developing my research in a different university allow me to com into contact with researchers and students from all around the world, as well as with researchers who are remarkable in my field and who inspire my project”, points out Gabriela.

Get to know the sandwich doctorate projects Abroad

The PUCRS students are in different institutions abroad through the International Cooperation Projects linked to the Priority Themes of the CAPES-PrInt Program at PUCRS. Learn more about the projects of each doctoral student:

Alynni Luiza Ricco Ávila / Photo: Archive personal

Alynni Luiza Ricco Ávila has been since July at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), in Spain, working with the World in Motion theme. The PPG in Social Sciences student is a part of the The Labor and Education Research Group (GRET) of the UAB’s Faculty of Political Science and Sociology, where she acts as collaborator and researcher. “This is a unique enhancement opportunity in academic, professional and personal qualification. This experience has allowed me to take part in events in Europe, obtain access to important works in the field and optimize my academic qualification,” states Alynni.

The PPG in Computer Science doctoral student Claiton Marques Correa is at the University of Dalhousie, in Canada. Working with the Priority Theme Technology and Biodiversity, the student has dedicated himself to research in the fields of Human-Computer Interaction (IHC) and Data Visualization, alongside the laboratory of Augmented and Virtual Reality (GEM Lab). “The experience has been enriching, because it allows for new professional connections and makes it possible to expand the research into other contexts,” concludes the doctoral student.

From the PPG in Social Communcation, the doctoral student Juliana Vieira Costa is at the Paul Valéry University of Montpellier III, in France, working with the World in Motion theme. The student is developing her research about film societies as an educational activity and, with the opportunity, has been making connections with film socieities and cinema and education researchers from around the world. “The receptivity of the Laboratoire d’Etudes Interdisciplinaires sur le Réel et les Imaginaires Sociaux (LEIRIS) and the university has been fundamental to connect with various events and study activities. It has been a highly enriching opportunity for our researches and professional and academic fields,” stresses Juliana.

In the same university, we have the doctoral student Luana Chinazzo Müller, from the PPG in Social Communcation, working with the World in Motion theme. In this opportunity, the student has dedicated herself to her research and taken part in classes and events with remarkable professors in the field of sociology of the imaginary studies. “In September, I presented an article in a conference which gathered researchers from all around the world — among several senior researchers, I was one of the only two doctoral students present, so it has been a great opportunity to expand my network of contacts and to represent PUCRS and Brazil,” states the doctoral student.

Victor Hugo Silva Rodrigues / Photo: Archive personal

Victor Hugo Silva Rodrigues, from the PPG in Materials Engineering and Technology, is at the NOVA University Lisbon, in Portugual, working with the Technology and Biodiversity theme. His researches concern the use of deep eutectic solvents, a new class of green and biodegradable solvents, thus environmentally sustainable, in the attainment of bioactive compounds derived from vegetable matrices. “Living daily with people who are so qualified and who are always ready to help has been very important to learn not only by practice, but by example. The main goal is to be able to bring all this experience and knowledge back to Brazil, in order to qualify our researches even more,” comments the student.

The student from the PPG in Development Economics Júlia Sbroglio Rizzoto is taking her sandwich doctorate at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, in the United States. The doctoral student is developing one of the articles in her doctoral thesis, which has as its central theme the violence against women in Brazil. According to Júlia, the experience has been important to be able to discuss the theme with international reach, where she can give lessons and present seminars in the topic. “We are able to expand not only our knowledge, but also our contacts with foreign researchers and professors. We are also able to make our research reach other audiences,” highlights the student.

The PPG in Computer Science students Marcos Luiggi Lemos Sartori and Julia Silva Weber are abroad during one semester to take their sandwich doctorate. Marcos is at the Newcastle University, in Canada, advised by researcher from the Faculty of Law Ney Laert Vilar Calazans. The doctoral student Júlia is staying this period at the Dalhousie University, working with the theme Technology and Biodiversity. The student is advised by the Polytechnic School researcher Tiago Coelho Ferreto.


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