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PUCRS Professor working at the Department of Philosophy of Université Paris 8, France

Norman Roland Madarasz is a Senior Visiting Professor abroad through the PrInt Program

Norman Roland Madarasz, professor and researcher from PUCRS School of Humanities, is a visiting professor at Université Paris 8 Vincennes-Saint-Denis (France). His activities will be developed at the Department of Philosophy of the French university, through PUCRS CAPES-PrInt Program.

Madarasz carried out his doctoral research in Philosophy on “The Motif of Fabric: studies from contemporary French philosophy of a descriptive philosophical figure at the confines of term, proposition and text theories”, at Université Paris 8, under the supervision of Alain Badiou. He is one of the first translators of Badiou’s work into English, as well as one of its main researchers in Brazil. He has recently organized an original book of translations of texts by Badiou, named Validações: textos sobre matemática, ontologia e sistema (2003-2018) (Validations: texts on mathematics, ontology and system), published by Editora Fundação Fênix in 2019.

As a visiting professor, the scholar was invited to join the Laboratory of Studies and Research on the Contemporary Logics of Philosophy (LLCP EA 4008), where he will continue to develop research, teaching, and extension activities until November 2022. Madarasz has carried out comparative studies between the works of Michel Foucault and Alain Badiou, which will result, among others, in the publication of a paper in the journal Materiali Foucaultiani. Its editor-in-chief, Professor Orazio Irrera, invited Madarasz to work in the Department of Philosophy and teach Alain Badiou’s philosophical system this semester.

According to the professor, Université Paris 8 is one of the most creative centers of production in the areas of Philosophy and Social Sciences. The professor explains that some of the greatest French philosophers of our time have worked in this Department of Philosophy, innovating in the areas of Structuralism, Critical Theory of History and Political Philosophy, and impacting Feminist, Gender and Post-colonial philosophy through the work of scholars such as Michel Foucault, Gilles Deleuze, Jean-François Lyotard, Hélène Cixous, Jacques Rancière, and, of course, Alain Badiou.

As a Senior Visiting Professor Abroad, Madarasz is developing activities through the International Cooperation Project “Human Development: knowledges and practices for a world in motion”, coordinated by Dr. Alexandre Guilherme and linked to the Priority Theme “World in Motion: Individuals and Society”


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