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PUCRS Professor expands partnership with Argentina’s Universidad Nacional de La Plata

Edla Eggert promotes the internationalization of the PPG in Education as a visiting professor through the PrInt Program

Edla with Milagros Rocha / Photo: Personal archive

As a senior visiting professor abroad at Universidad Nacional de La Plata (UNLP), Argentina, professor from the School of Humanities Edla Eggert has participated in many research activities and international events. The professor’s work seeks to promote the internationalization of PUCRS’s Graduate Program in Education, during a three-month period, through PUCRS’s CAPES-PrInt Program, within the World in Motion priority theme.

During her stay in the education institution from Argentina, professor Edla joins the Interdisciplinary Center for Gender Studies (CInIG), where she participates in meetings with director Adriana María Valobra and associate-director Mabel Alicia Campagnoli. With this experience, the professor has also contributed to the group’s work team composed of Doctorate and Masters students from UNLP and, more recently, she will present a paper at the XV Jornadas Nacionales y el X Congreso Iberoamericano de Historia de las Mujeres y Estudios de Género, to discuss the theme Em memória delas! Artesãs de palavras e de projetos por vida digna.

In addition, the researcher participates in study meetings in the research group coordinated by professor Myriam Soutschewl, participates in undergraduate classes in the field of Sociology Education with professor Paula Rossi. She has also been making use of the University’s library facilities and having meetings with professors Milagros Rocha and Luisina Bolla, also from CInIG.

According to professor Edla, the partnership between PUCRS and Universidad Nacional de La Plata exists since 2009, in a relationship that led to several joint actions. Among the initiatives, UNLP professors Laura Rovali and Myriam Soutschewl have been to Brazil before in boards of PUCRS’s PPG in Education, in addition to having partnerships in the production of books and scientific papers.

“This experience of studying, meeting new people, showing what I research and seeing different places is, without a doubt, a unique moment. In this exchange experience, I visited the La Plata Museum, managed by UNLP, which provides a substantial investment for scientific and pedagogical development, through various activities for all ages,” she concluded.


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