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PUCRS-PrInt gives students possibility to complete training programs abroad

In 2019, five students were awarded grants

2019_05_27_logotipo_pucrs_printThe Institutional Project of Internationalization (PUCRS-PrInt) awards grants in the category of Training Programs Abroad. This category promotes the mobility of PUCRS faculty and staff, as well as doctoral students from the graduate programs participating in the project. The awards aim to promote the dissemination of knowledge acquired in international centers of excellence, improving the quality of scientific and technological production developed in the University’s graduate programs.

PhD student to complete training program at John’s Hopkins under PUCRS-PrInt

In 2019, five students from PUCRS’ graduate programs participated in training programs abroad, from 1 to 3 months. Find out about the students and their destinations:

Andrei Ferreira Fredes – University of Granada – Spain
Graduate Program in Law (Adviser: Prof. Carlos Alberto Molinaro)
Cooperation Project: Technology and Society in a globalized world in crisis.
Josemara de Paula Rocha – Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health – USA
Graduate Program in Biomedical Gerontology (Adviser: Prof. Angelo Bos)
Cooperation Project: Development of innovative technologies and processes in health.
Leonardo Araújo Pinto – Imperial College London – UK
Graduate Program in Pediatrics and Child Health:
Cooperation Project: Assessment of environmental aspects, life habits and pathological conditions in the child development.
Marcos Lentino Messerschmidt – Universitat Bonn – Germany
Graduate Program in Philosophy (Adviser: Prof. Ricardo Timm de Souza)
Cooperation Project: The hidden matrix of Violence in Contemporary Times: Crisis of Otherness, Morality and Ethics.
Gabriela Cruz Amato Teixeira – University of Hamburg – Germany
Graduate Program in Law (Adviser: Prof. Ingo Sarlet)
Cooperation Project: Technology and Society in a globalized world in crisis.


To learn more about open calls for training programs abroad, visit the website. Please, feel free to contact us: [email protected].


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