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PUCRS-PrInt: deadline extended until May 20

Student and faculty mobility grants for the second semester

The Institutional Project of Internationalization (PUCRS-PrInt), funded by CAPES, has been extended until May 20, 2022. This new call includes grants for mobility of faculty and students. The activities will begin, either at PUCRS or at a partner university overseas, in Sept, Oct and Nov, 2022

Grants for Programs Abroad

Senior / Junior Visiting Professor Abroad: grants for advanced research for PUCRS professors affiliated to the graduate programs participating in the project.

Doctoral Research Internship Abroad: grants for doctoral research internships abroad, to complement PUCRS’ efforts in the development of high-level human resources.

Training Programs Abroad: grants for technical, scientific or pedagogical training programs, within the scope of the internationalization program, for individual and institutional development.

Grants for programs in Brazil

Visiting Professor in Brazil: grants for international faculty to teach, hold seminars and workshops at PUCRS.

Young Talent with Experience Abroad: grants for young researchers, Brazilians or international, living abroad and with relevant international academic experience.

Postdoctoral Researcher with Experience Abroad: grants to attract researchers who have relevant academic experience abroad to develop research and teach.

Find out about the institutions participating in PUCRS-PrInt

About PUCRS-PrInt

The Institutional Project of Internationalization of PUCRS, in response to Call 41/2017 – Capes/PrInt, is intended to develop and add international perspectives into the University’s Graduate Programs, with an eye to consolidating academic excellence and implementing effective actions for the society’s global problems. To find out more about the projects, priority areas and actions click here.


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