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New PUCRS-PrInt calls for 2021

Programs intended for faculty and student mobility

PUCRS Print_3 Chamada_Banner Notícia InglÊsNew Institutional Project of Internationalization  (PUCRS-PrInt) calls are open for faculty and student mobility. The deadline ends on Sep 27, 2020. Awarded applicants will begin the program in January, February and March 2021. 

Find out the opportunities for Brazilian applicants abroad  

  • Senior of Junior Visiting Professor Abroad: Research grants for PUCRS faculty affiliated to the Graduate Programs participating in the project. Awarded applicants will develop advanced-level research abroad. 
  • Doctoral Research Internship Abroad: Grants for doctoral research internships abroad. The awards will complement the efforts of PUCRS’ Graduate Programs in the training of high level human resources for university-level teaching and research in the country. 
  • Training Programs Abroad: Grants for technical, scientific or teaching training and capacity building, within the scope of the Institutional Project of Internationalization. These awards will contribute to the professional development of faculty and researchers and the institution a whole.

Grants for international applicants for Brazil 

  • Visiting Professor in Brazil: Grants for international faculty to teach and deliver seminars and workshops at PUCRS. 
  • Postdoctoral Research Fellow with Experience Abroad: Grants for young talented researchers, be them from Brazil or abroad. Applicants must be living abroad and have relevant scientific and academic experience abroad. This modality is also available for researchers who have relevant scientific academic experience abroad to carry out research or teaching activities.

Click here to check out the application forms 

Find out the institutions abroad participating in PUCRS-PrInt 

About PUCRS-PrInt 

The Institutional Project of Internationalization of PUCRS, in response to Call 41/2017 – Capes/PrInt, is intended to develop and aggregate international perspectives into the University’s Graduate Programs, with an eye to developing academic excellence and implementing effective actions for the society’s global problems. To find out more about the project, priority areas and actions, click here 

If you have any questions about the grants and application process, please contact the Office of Graduate Programs at [email protected] 


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