27/11/2019 - 11h50

Marketing under discussion by University of Rhode Island scholar

Professor Ruby Roy Dholakia took part in Business School activities under PrInt


Photo: Camila Cunha

University of Rhode Island professor, Dr Ruby Roy Dholakia, has come to PUCRS on an Institutional Project of Internationalization  (PUCRS-PrInt) grant. Ruby, a marketing scholar, is collaborating with the cooperation project Macro and microeconomic aspects associated with economic, social, human and environmental development, which is coordinated by Dr Edimara Luciano.

During her stay at PUCRS, Ruby will be working on the development of Labex, the new Business School’s Consumption Experiences Laboratory. She will also be teaching the course entitled The Research Journey, for students in the Graduate Program in Business Administration. She has also been in close connection with several graduate students.

On Nov 11, she delivered the lecture Marketing Transformations: Macro and Micro Perspectives, as she discussed how marketing evolved into today’s complex constantly changing systems. Ruby will be staying at PUCRS until the end of the month.


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