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Distributive justice in focus at Syracuse University internship

PhD student James William to work with researcher Kenneth Baynes


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The PhD student from the Graduate Program in Social Sciences  (PPGCS), James William is doing a doctoral internship at Syracuse University, USA, under the Institutional Project of Internationalization (PUCRS-PrInt). During his stay abroad, William will be looking at the reflexive and critical assessment of society and culture, in an effort to put in practice the insights of social and human sciences.

He chose the institution for two reasons: its recognized international excellence and the renowned work of Dr Kenneth Baynes. Baynes is an enthusiast of Social and Political Philosophy, with a special focus on critical theory and modern and contemporary German philosophy. “His current interests are the normative or binding character of rules and practices, the attempts to ground moral principles in practical reason, and the relationship between democracy and basic rights, including the existence (or non-existence) of ‘multicultural rights”, William says. William intends to further refine his dissertation with the support of the US researcher.

Activities abroad

During his stay at Syracuse University, William is expected to work with Dr Baynes. Human rights, global distributive justice and the moral significance of political boundaries will be the focus of research abroad.

On top of that, William must work on the potential limits of distributive justice in an effort to meet the demands of a reality in a scenario of globalization and transnationality. The student is working under the priority area World in Motion: Individuals and Society of PUCRS-PrInt.


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