15/04/2019 - 14h03

Dean of School of Technology joins training program in Tunisia

Sandra Einloft presented PUCRS-PrInt opportunities at conference


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The Dean of the School of Technology and one of the members of PUCRS-PrInt Management Committee, Dr Sandra Einloft, went to Sfax, Tunisia, for the Conférence Internationale des Responsables des Universités et Institutions Scientifiques d’Expression Française (CIRUISEF). The event was intended to advance discussions on the role of deans in French language universities. The event occurred from Apr 8 – 12 and brought together as many as 162 deans and 54 researchers from around 20 countries.

2019_04_14_PrInt_Sandra_Einloft_(arquivo_pessoal)2The event was divided in two parts: a general part that discussed the role of deans and another session on the existing methodologies in different French-speaking domains. “We engaged in different discussions and exchanged a number of ideas”, she adds.

The conference was important for Einloft to work on professional development and build up her networks. “I learned a lot and the School of Technology will profit greatly from the things I learned. I also had a moment to share some insights of the PUCRS-PrInt project and discuss possibilities of cooperation with peers from several countries”, Sandra adds.

CIRUISEF was an initiative of the French-Speaking Institute for University Governance (IUFG), Institut des Hautes Études de l’Éducation et de la Formation (IH2EF) and the Conference of University Presidents (CPU).


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