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Danish professors teach graduate course for PUCRS’ and international students

Danish professors teach graduate course for PUCRS' and international students

Photo: Matheus Gomes

From Jan 5 – 6, professors from Aarhus University (Denmark), Dr. Gregers Wegener and Dr. Samia Joca, and from the School of Medicine of PUCRS, Dr. Rodrigo Grassi and Dr. Thiago Viola, joined efforts to deliver the international course on Translational Psychiatry. The on-site classes were held at the auditorium of Living 360º, and featured international students who joined the synchronous session remotely.

The partnership between PUCRS and Aarhus University stems from the Bridges Program, an initiative of the office of the Vice President for Research and Graduate Studies (PROPESQ) that seeks to expand the institutional impact of partnerships thanks to the work of PUCRS professors in international universities. With the visit, the faculties of both institutions strengthened relations and signed an institutional agreement for the development of new projects.

“I believe that Bridges is essential for PUCRS to consolidate itself as a reference in graduate-level teaching in the world, and consequently, increase our visibility and student attraction in other countries. The professors who came were very happy with this experience”, Dr. Rodrigo Grassi adds.

Discussions on Translational Psychiatry

Dr. Rodrigo Grassi, a researcher affiliated to three graduate programs at PUCRS – Medicine, Health Sciences and Psychology – who is also serving as a researcher at Aarhus University, opened the event by presenting his investigations into Translational Psychiatry.

After that, Dr. Gregers Wegener, Head of the Translational Neuropsychiatry Unit, Department of Clinical Medicine at Aarhus University, presented his studies on the neurobiology of depression and anxiety, with special focus on the interaction of genetic and environmental factors. The Associate Professor of the Department of Biomedicine of the Danish institution and the University of São Paulo, Dr. Sâmia Joca, finished the program by addressing the challenges and perspectives of the use of cannabinoids for medicinal purposes.

“We were very thankful for the invitation to teach this course. We were impressed with PUCRS’ infrastructure and with the engagement and multidisciplinary nature of the students who joined in”, Professor Gregers Wegener said thankfully. The course was delivered in English and featured remote activities on Moodle.

Graduate students from several programs of PUCRS joined in, including Medicine and Health Sciences, Psychology, Pediatrics and Child Health, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Dentistry, Philosophy and Biomedical Gerontology. The course was also attended by international students who interacted with students from PUCRS and other partner HEIs in the country. Among the nearly 30 students who attended the course were students from Aarhus and the Università degli Studi di Milano.

Università degli Studi di Milano is partners with PUCRS in the PUCRS-PrInt priority area Health in Human Development and has received scholarships and professors from PUCRS in a Work Mission, including Dr. Rodrigo Grassi.


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