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Communication students pursue sandwich doctorate in France through PUCRS-PrInt

Learn about the projects of three students from PUCRS’s Graduate Program who are carrying out their research at Université Paul Valéry Montpellier III

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In the Sandwich Doctorate modality from PUCRS’s CAPES-PrInt Program (PUCRS-PrInt), the doctorate students experience internationalization during 6 to 12 months abroad. In 2023, three students from PUCRS’s Graduate Program (PPG) in Communication are pursuing their sandwich doctorate at Université Paul Valéry Montpellier III, in France.

The doctorate student Anaurelino Negri da Costa Silva is one of the students in the French partner institution. He is developing a research on contemporary serial fiction, specifically Brazilian series produced directly for streaming services. The student is advised by School of Communications, Arts and Design (Famecos)’s researcher, Roberto Tietzmann, and in this international opportunity he will also be advised by professor Fabio La Rocca, from the French university.

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While in France, the doctorate student can join Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier III’s Department of Sociology, in the LEIRIS Laboratory (Laboratoire d’Études Interdisciplinaires sur le Réel et les Imaginaires Sociaux), where he may attend seminars and activities from the department of sociology and exchange experiences with the researchers that study the topic. According to Anaurelino, this interaction has added new perspectives to the development of his research.

“The opportunity of constant exchanges with the professors, as well as with doctorate and post doctorate students who are developing their research in the program, has been highly valuable for my academic and professional journey. Being able to see their perspectives and learn with France’s cultural differences are mobilizing and transforming experiences,” he says.

Research experiences in France

Like Anaurelino, the doctorate students Giancarlo Backes Couto and Milton do Prado Fraco Neto are also developing their researches during the international experience with the support of the Capes-PRINT Program and advised by Famecos professor and researcher Cristiane Freitas Gutfreind. In both cases, the students are attending international congresses and activities that allow them to discuss with reputable researchers in the field.

Giancarlo also operates at LEIRIS, an environment that enables interactions with professors associated with other universities from other countries like South Korea and Italy. In addition, the doctorate student had the opportunity to show his scientific evidence at the Séminaire International France-Brésil: Altérités Communicationnelles, Urgences du Présent, Ailleurs du Réel, which took place in March. According to him, the University offers libraries and media collections, which enable the access to the supplies needed for the development of his research, focused on the filmmaker José Mojica Marins’s time in France. In addition, the closeness to other cities allows for short travels for research in local collections.

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Milton, on the other hand, does his research on long lasting experiences in the cinema in the 21st century, which he develops in open libraries in France, where he is able to use the bibliography in French, with rich information on the topic, especially from an aesthetic and historical point of view. In addition, his experience abroad is allowing him to attend classes with renowned professors and enjoy the spaces on campus.

The doctorate student participated in the Seminaire International France-Brésil (March 15th), Metrópole Sensible – 10éme éditon colloquium, and was selected for two great events, one in the Université de Toulouse (28ème Congrés da Afeccav – Association Française des Enseignants et Chercheurs en Cinéma et AudioVisuel) and another in Lyon (Annual IAMCR Conference – International Association for Media and Communication Research).

Partnership between PUCRS and Université Paul Valéry Montpellier III

The French university has an agreement with PUCRS’s Graduate Program in Communication for over 20 years, and, through the initiative, the Journalism professor and researcher Juremir Machado was granted an Honorary Doctorate Degree, awarded to people who are highly influential in their area of expertise. “The Paul Valéry Montpellier III University is a part of Capes-Print, an important mechanism for research interchange,” stresses the professor.

The relationship between PUCRS and the French university continues in 2023, collaborating on the Journalism, Imaginary and Memory Network (JIM) research. In addition to the students who are in France right now, the doctorate students Juliana Vieira Costa and Luana Chinazzo Müller also took sandwich doctorates in the partner institution, also joining the LEIRIS, from the Department of Sociology.

“In September, I presented an article in a conference that gathered researchers from all around the world — among several senior researchers, I was one of the only two doctorate students there, so it has been a great opportunity to expand my contact network and to represent PUCRS and Brazil,” Luana said.


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