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3rd PUCRS-PrInt call for grants abroad now open for faculty and graduate students

Registration for incoming and outgoing visiting professors and training programs abroad available until Jul 10

2019_05_27_logotipo_pucrs_print_atualizadaThe deadline for three categories of the Institutional Project of Internationalization  (PUCRS-PrInt) ends on Jul 10, 2019: Senior of Junior Visiting Professor Abroad  (Call 1/2019), Visiting Professor in Brazil (Call 3/2019) and Training Programs Abroad  (Call 6/2019). The opportunities are available for faculty and students of the Graduate Programs participating in the PUCRS-PrInt program international faculty interested in coming to PUCRS.

Find out more about the opportunities:

Senior of Junior Visiting Professor Abroad

The program aims to offer PUCRS faculty in the Postgraduate Programs participating in the Institutional Program of Internationalization grants in institutions overseas to develop advanced postdoctoral studies. Click here

Visiting Professor in Brazil

This call, within the scope of the project, aims to get renowned professors living abroad to teach courses, develop training programs and deliver lectures or on-site seminars. Click here

Training Programs Abroad

This call aims to offer grants for Short-Term Training Programs Abroad, with an eye to fostering personal and institutional development through technical, scientific or pedagogical training and development of professionals in the HEIs / Partner Institutions, within the scope of PUCRS-PrInt. Click here

In addition to these opportunities, there is a continuous number of faculty and researchers involved in Work Missions Abroad (Call 2/2019). Please, feel free to contact us: [email protected].

About PUCRS-PrInt

The Institutional Project of Internationalization of PUCRS, in response to Call 41/2017 – Capes/PrInt, is intended to develop and add international perspectives into the University’s Graduate Programs, with an eye to consolidating academic excellence and implementing effective actions for the society’s global problems. To find out more about the project, priority areas and actions click here.


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