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3 PhD students began PUCRS-PrInt research internships

Despite pandemic, students continued with their research abroad

Julia is at Newcastle, UK / Photo: Personal archive

Despite the challenges of the year 2020, 3 PhD students had the chance to begin their research internships abroad on the Institutional Project of Internationalization (PUCRS-PrInt). The investigations are being developed in important universities in Europe. Students were awarded with grants ranging from 6 months to 1 year.

Find out more about them:

Andrelise Santorum, PhD student in the Graduate Program in History, who is at the Universidade de Coimbra, in Portugal.

Andrelise was awarded with a 12-month grant to develop the research project titled “Seja na metrópole seja em África o importante é que seja salazarista: Teatro Português durante o Estado Novo (1933-1950) (Either in the Metropolis or in Africa, Salazar’s rules must take hold: Portuguese Theater during Estado Novo (1933 – 1950)”, at the prestigious Universidade de Coimbra, in Portugal.

This study falls within the priority area World in Motion: Individuals and Society. The scholarship was awarded through the International Cooperation Project The Hidden Matrix of Violence in Contemporary Times: Crisis of Otherness, Morality and Ethics, coordinated by Prof. Dr. Ruth Gauer.

Check out the student’s testimonial:

“My research internship started on Nov 1, 2020. In this first month in Portugal I had occasional meetings at the Universidade de Coimbra, with my advisor, Prof. Dr. Rui Cunha Martins, and developed a number of research activities in Lisbon. In the first week, I had a preliminary visit to the archives where my sources are located. The goal was to get to know these spaces, but mainly to understand the logistics of these historical archives during the pandemic. After this first moment, I began my research per se. I pretty much searched the archives database for the historical sources that I need to use for my dissertation. I had to request the on-site visit in advance, and then check out each of the files, on a previously defined date and time, to consult and photograph the documents. I am having contact with a very rich collection of historical sources! I found very important documents for my research. The research work is intense and, at the same time, very pleasing.”

Julia Colleoni Couto, a PhD student in the Computer Science Program, went to Newcastle University, UK.

Julia has been there since Sept 2020, working on a research project titled “A data profiling management approach for Hadoop-based data lakes: experiments with bioinformatics data”, at Newcastle University, UK.

This study falls within the priority area Health in Human Development. The 6-month-scholarship was awarded through the International Cooperation Project Advances in drug development, diagnosis and epidemiology of neglected diseases, coordinated by Prof. Dr. Cristiano Bizarro.

Check out Julia’s testimonial about her study:

“I’m doing my research in cooperation with the research group Interdisciplinary Computing and Complex BioSystems (ICOS), of Newcastle University’s School of Computer Science, under the advising of Prof. Dr. Anil Wipat. The goal of the research is to develop a data lake with bioinformatics data that facilitates the automatic integration of datasets for further analysis. Data lake is an architecture composed of different tools to deal with big data, from data ingestion, to storage, processing, visualization and security. The datasets under analysis include information on drugs, diseases, proteins, human genes, among other data. The findings of this research could be used as a basis for other bioinformatics data analysis projects, such as drug repositioning projects, to predict new uses for existing drugs.”

Lucas Rech da Silva, a PhD student in the Graduate Program in Education, went to University of Barcelona, Spain.

Lucas began his studies at the University of Barcelona in Sept 2020, under the supervision of Prof. María del Pilar Folgueiras Bertomeu. He is working on the research project titled “Education in migration contexts: Interculturality and Innovation in Inclusion of Diversity”.

The study is being developed under the priority area: World in Motion: Individuals and Society and the 6-month scholarship was awarded by the International Cooperation Project Human development: knowledges and practices for a world in motion.

Check out Lucas’ testimonial about his experience overseas:

“I study Education and I am at Universitat de Barcelona, doing ethnographic field work in a basic education school on the effects of the pandemic on teaching and school life. At the university, I’m having remote classes. Because of that, I have been going to the library more often. I’m doing an online course, and keep myself busy visiting the school where I do field work. I also keep having work meetings in Brazil time. “


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