Visiting Professor from Universidad de Antioquia takes part in health care activities

Wilson Cañon Montañez came to PUCRS in December on PUCRS-PrInt

22/01/2020 - 10h31

Photo: Bruno Todeschini

In December, PUCRS opened its doors to Professor Wilson Cañon Montañez from Universidad de Antioquia (Colombia), through the Institutional Project of Internationalization  (PUCRS-PrInt). Montañez took part in activities at the School of Medicine and School of Health and Life Sciences.

During his visit, Professor Montañez taught the course on Clinical-Epidemiological Evidence along with another PUCRS-PrInt Visiting Professor, Dr Carmen Tatay, from the Universidad Católica de Valencia San Vicente Martir, Spain. This course was aimed at graduate students in health care programs and was streamed to students of the Graduate Program in Health Sciences at Universidade Federal do Amazonas.

In addition to the course, Professor Wilson delivered the lecture Causal Inference: counterfactual theory and graphical representation of causal effects, for students and faculty of the graduate programs in the area of health care of ​​PUCRS. He also took part in doctoral defense committees and got actively involved in research activities within the scope of the International Cooperation Project (PCI) ‘Assessment of environmental aspects, lifestyle and pathological conditions in child development’.


Photo: Bruno Todeschini

According to School of Medicine professor Dr. Rita Mattielo, coordinator of PCI and host of Montañez at PUCRS, the partnership with the visiting professor has been around for a while: Montañez has co-advised graduate students of PUCRS, and has served as a guest professor and also as a committee member for Master’s and doctoral defenses. The idea is to continue the research partnership, publish articles and develop projects involving professors from both universities: “In addition, the institutions are discussing the possibility of having a double degree program”, Rita says. In Mar 2020, a student from the Universidad de Antioquia will begin the Master’s in the Graduate Program in Pediatrics and Child Health.


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