Visiting professor Carmen Moret Tatay takes part in PUCRS-PrInt activities

Tatay gave lectures and talked about new research project

20/01/2020 - 10h56
Carmen Tatay - Camila Cunha

Photo: Camila Cunha

Professor Dr Carmen Moret Tatay, from Universidad de Valencia San Vicente Martin (UCV), has been partners with PUCRS since 2013. In her visit to the University, she delivered the lecture Aging in the Digital Era and the Role of GPS in Our Spatial Navigation, to students of PUCRS’ School of MedicineGraduate Program in Medicine and Health Sciences, with two other international professors.

During her stay at PUCRS, Professor Tatay taught the course “Clinical Epidemiological Evidence” for students in the graduate program, along with Professor Prof. Wilson Cañon Montañez, from the University of Antioquia, who came here on a PUCRS PrInt grant, too. More than 60 students from PUCRS graduate Programs attended the course: Medicine and Health Sciences; Pediatrics and Child Health; Biomedical Gerontology; Psychology and Dentistry at PUCRS. The course was also streamed, via Skype, to students in the Graduate Program in Health Sciences of the Universidade Federal do Amazonas. The partnership between PUCRS and UPV has been around for a while, as a number of books and scientific articles have been published jointly. In addition to that, PhD students have completed doctoral internships and professors from both institutions have joined a number of activities.

Carmen Tatay - Camila Cunha2

Photo: Camila Cunha

The next actions to be taken include the officiation of a double degree for a doctoral student in the Graduate Program in Psychology of PUCRS, and the contract to be signed by Professor Tatay to teach in the Graduate Program in Psychology of PUCRS. In addition, the parties are looking into the possibility of expanding the mobility of other students.

On PUCRS-PrInt, Carmen is working on the international cooperation research project Biopsychosocial aspects associated with an individual’s health in adult life, coordinated by Professor Tatiana Irigaray and associated with the priority area Health in Human Development.


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