Medical Skills and Surgical Research Laboratory

The Medical Skills and Surgical Research Laboratory offers a number of services, such as medical simulations, microsurgery training, practicum work, scientific activities involving the Academic Leagues and Assistance Services at the São Lucas Hospital. The Laboratory relies on cutting-edge equipment which make it possible for its users to conduct clinical simulations for a better learning experience.

Av. Ipiranga 6690, Building 64 – Jardim Botânico
Porto Alegre / RS
Phone: (51) 3320.3500
CEP: 90.619-001

Computer Laboratory

This laboratory is located on the 3rd floor of the São Lucas Hospital right next to the Study Center of the School of Medicine Library. Users can get access to the internet, work on their papers and have them printed. However, because the laboratory is in high-demand, we suggest that students plan the design of their work ahead of time in order to avoid time constraints and other occupancy restrictions at the laboratory. It is not always possible to make sure the computers will be available.

Levels I and II students will have free access to the Computing Laboratory in Building 12.