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Social Work, Policies and Social Processes
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Social Work, Labor and Social Processes This line encompasses studies and investigations on labor as an ontological category, the labor processes, labor relationships and conditions in the capitalist production model, State, political economy, productive restructuring and the changes in the labor environment, employment and unemployment, socio-occupational spaces and the Social Workers labor in schools, health care, social services, local power, public sector, third sector and private sector, interdisciplinary work, occupational health, concrete and abstract work and the alienation processes, labor and income policies, cooperative work and solidarity economy, among other production strategies, relationships and production models. This line also addresses the study of social processes such as participation, social management processes, planning, networking, councils, social movements, popular organizations, trade union movements and, in addition to that, processes such as poverty, prejudice, racism, violence, among others. It also addresses studies on interdisciplinary work and the social worker actions for strengthening and fighting these processes, and the contributions of Social Work to these areas in terms of production of knowledge.
Social Work, Social Security and Social Policies This line encompasses studies and research on social protection systems, social security, and their connection to the State and civil society. It fosters a discussion on health, social security and social assistance, income transfer, food security policies and unemployment insurance. It addresses studies on territoriality and housing, educational policies, policies for the elderly, for women, for children and teenagers, for youths, for the homeless, for the disabled, among other groups and areas. It includes debates on the production of knowledge, and interdisciplinary work and of the social worker in these areas, as well as the assessment of public policies and studies on public funding and on the public-private relationship.
Social Work, Teaching and Training This line encompasses studies and investigations on the foundations of Social Work, on social question and issues about the method. It includes studies on the ethical-political, theoretical-methodological and technical-operational axes of the profession and on Social Work training and its connection with the actions conducted by social workers, their duties and competencies. It includes studies on the curriculum guidelines of the ABEPSS (Brazilian Association for Study and Research on Social Work) and the cores for training in Social Work and the guidelines for Graduate programs. It addresses studies on teaching modalities, on teaching and training in undergraduate and graduate programs, on pedagogical strategies, on theory and methodology of research, on ethics and ethical-political project, on continuing education, on supervision and internship, on advising and assessment in undergraduate and graduate programs, on school and university management and on work and knowledge production in these areas.
Social work, human rights, inequalities and resistance This line encompasses studies and investigations on human rights and their historic characteristics. The protection systems of human rights and their connection with the State and the civil society, violations of rights as well as the advances and backlashes in the affirmation of rights. It will also address studies on social policies focused on historically vulnerable peoples, in terms of human rights: black and indigenous peoples, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transvestites and transsexuals, the elderly, youths, children and teenagers, the disabled, the homeless, women, rural and city workers, refugees and immigrants, etc. It will also investigates inequality and resistance processes and their repercussions on how these social subjects lead their lives, in view of different social markers. Additionally, this line includes studies related to punitive power of the State in the prison system, the justice system and public safety, and restorative justice. It includes as well, studies on the multiple expressions of violence and the different strategies for fighting it. The line also addresses studies on professional work (of social workers in an interdisciplinary way) in these areas and its contributions to the scientific area of Social Work and related fields, on the production of knowledge in these areas.

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