Admission to the program is open every year between August and December, as classes start in March the following year. The selection process consists of a descriptive written exam, analysis of résumé (Lattes platform) and project evaluation. An application form containing the norms of the selection process can be found on the program’s webpage, which explains each step of the process and the deadlines. For international applicants, an interview will replace the written test.



  • PPGSS criteria for awarding scholarships:
  • Scholarships available;
  • Qualification in the selection process;
  • Application for a scholarship (from the candidate);
  • Assessment regarding the candidate’s legal eligibility for a scholarship;
  • Awarded to projects deemed eligible for scholarships, based on the research topic;
  • Scholarships reserved for foreign students (1 ME scholarship and 1 DO scholarship) and lines of research considered less prevalent or that cater to the institution’s interests (1 ME scholarship and 1 DO scholarship).


Scholarship application form – PPGSS/PUCRS


PEC-PG Scholarships
  • General Information
    Student Program – Undergraduate Studies (PEC-PG). Capes website for questions about PEC-PG: Click here



Documentation required to apply for a Postdoctoral fellowship in the PPGSS/PUCRS

To request a fellowship:

  1. Letter from the candidate to the PPGSS Coordinating Committee requesting postdoctoral fellowship in the program and stipulating its deadline and duration;

2. CV Lattes (las 4 years) – highlighting published studies;

3. Work Plan for the fellowship (with schedule).

After evaluation and approval by the Coordinating Committee:

  1. Consent from the PPGSS professor/supervisor (permanent PPG professor);

2. Present the necessary documents and comply with the requirements stipulated by PROPESq/PUCRS:

a) Copy of PhD conferment valid in Brazil;

b) Copy of your ID and CPF;

c) Research project, containing a study proposal and schedule (minimum 4 and maximum 24 months in duration), and its relevance to PUCRS;

d) Those in possession of a scholarship, must provide proof of their consideration for a scholarship by a research support agency;

e) Those with a scholarship must provide proof of employment;

f) Proof of a health insurance plan during the fellowship;

g) Commit to dedicating yourself full-time to the activities specified in the research project;

h) Candidates may not be professors or technical administrators at PUCRS.


The documentation will be assessed by the Coordinating Committee for approval and initiation of the fellowship.


On completion of the postdoctoral fellowship:

After completing the fellowship, within a maximum of 60 days. Must return their name badge and present:

  1. Final substantiated report;

2. Report from your supervisor.

The report will be evaluated by the Coordinating Committee and, upon approval, forwarded to the Research Department, which will provide confirmation of completion of the postdoctoral fellowship.