The GPSS has the central objective of providing training and development to researchers, professors and professionals for the purposes of conducting research and teaching, but it also aims to contribute to the development of professional actions in the area of Social Work and other areas related thereto, by providing training to professionals to act in the areas of social policies, both public and private ones.

The pedagogical plan of the Graduate Program in Social Work of PUCRS’ School of Humanities is intended to generate knowledge on the different expressions of the social question in its several forms of inequalities and resistance, as well as to provide training for highly qualified human resources whose research is geared towards this area or a related area. The program relies on nationally and internationally recognized researchers, and partnerships with Research Institutions and Graduate Programs throughout the country and abroad, which have contributed greatly to the maintenance of the program’s standards of excellence according to Capes.

Capes Grade: 6
Master’s: 24 credits
Doctorate: 36 credits
Master’s: minimum of 12 and maximum of 30 months
Doctorate: minimum of 24 and maximum of 54 months