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Ontological Clinic
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Etiopathogenesis and Treatment in Stomatology The objectives of this line of research involve the evaluation of the pathophysiology of diseases affecting the oral mucosa and salivary glands, including oral cancer, focusing on the clinical, immunological, and pathological aspects of these conditions, in order to identify new forms of prevention and treatment of such diseases.
Etiopathogenesis and Treatment of Periodontal and Periapical Diseases This line of research aims to study the mechanisms involved in periapical and periodontal alterations, aiming to analyze their relationship with systemic diseases, as well as to identify new treatment strategies for these conditions.
Pediatric Oral Health This line of research aims to evaluate new approaches to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of oral cavity disorders, focusing on the management of pediatric patients.
Restorative and Reconstructive Dentistry This line of research focuses on developing new technologies and approaches aimed at aesthetic and functional oral rehabilitation, using laboratory and clinical assessment methodologies. It also includes new approaches for the orthodontic, orthopedic, and surgical correction of orofacial deformities, seeking to improve the diagnosis and management of patients with these conditions.
oral biology
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Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering This line of research aims at the development and evaluation of the efficacy and safety of new dental materials, as well as innovative tissue engineering strategies, focusing on tissue regeneration and the reduction of infectious oral complications.
Biomechanics, Pain and Orofacial Dysfunction This line of research is aimed to analyze the pathophysiology of orofacial pain, temporomandibular dysfunction, bruxism and parafunctional habits, focusing on the biomechanical characterization of the stomatognathic system and its reflexes on the organism, seeking to identify new diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for these conditions.
Microbiology and Oral Immunology This line of research aims to develop research with a specific focus on oral microbiology and oral immunology, for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes.

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Centro de Reabilitação em Fissuras Lábiopalatinas (CERLAP) LUCIANE MACEDO DE MENEZES
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