General Objective: PUCRS’ Graduate Program in Dentistry aims to contribute to the improvement of the quality of Dentistry professionals through human resources development, at both the Master's and Doctoral levels, relying on a solid scientific base, critical thinking skills and evidence-based decision-making. Specific Objective: To train qualified Masters and Doctors, in the areas of concentration of the program, who are in constant pursuit of professional development in order to play an active role in the teaching-learning process and in the construction of evidence-based knowledge; the program is also intended to train professors and researchers capable of working in any institution within the Country and the world in their area of expertise; additionally, it aims to produce opinionated leaders and managers in oral health; lastly, it aims to train professionals who can establish national and international collaborations in the areas of teaching and dental research.
The Graduate Program in Dentistry provides training for Masters and Doctors in six different areas:
  • Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery;
  • Restorative Dentistry;
  • Stomatology;
  • Orthodontics and Facial Orthopedics;
  • Prosthodontics as well as
  • Endodontics.
Research carried out under the Program is based on 11 lines of research and covers all areas. are: The offer of 30 different courses, the University’s infrastructure for research, the teaching internship, the interdisciplinarity encouraged by the Program, the opportunities of internships abroad, and the integration with the undergraduate program aim to train Masters and Doctors who can work in national and international research centers in order to be active professionals and modifiers of the reality in which they live.
Capes Grade: 5
Master’s: 24 credits
Doctorate: 36 credits
Master’s: minimum of 12 and maximum of 24 months
Doctorate: minimum of 24 and maximum of 48 months