Canadian researcher collaborates with project on health access barriers

Greta Bauer participates in School of Health and Life Sciences activities

13/03/2020 - 08h53

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Dr. Greta Bauer, a professor at Western University, in Canada, has come to PUCRS this week to take part in activities at the School of Health and Life Sciences. Greta has joined an internationalization project supported by FAPERGS named Impact of health access barriers on the general and mental health of women who have sex with women, which is coordinated by Prof. Dr. Angelo Brandelli.

At PUCRS, Greta is teaching a course on statistical techniques to analyze the intersectional character of social markers in the Graduate Program in Psychology. She also gave a lecture on population and census surveys with the transgender community that she conducted in Canada. She will conduct a round of discussion of research projects under development by the research group coordinated by Bradelli.

“Greta is one of the leading researchers in the development of best practices for data collection in population surveys with transgender people. She developed major investigations in the area of health access ​​barriers, and the impact of these barriers on the health of transgender people in Canada. Once these barriers were overcome, several changes in the country’s legislation have been implemented,” Brandelli says.

Continuous partnership

Angelo Brandelli added that two studies involving data collection with women who have sex with other women are being finalized. In addition, a mission to the Canadian institution Dr. Bauer works for is being studied. In this mission, researchers will present the data collected in Brazil. “In addition, we plan future research with men who have sex with other men using the same methodology,” he adds. Brandelli also hopes that the partnership will produce favorable outcomes in areas other than academic publications, such as student mobility.


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