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Organisations, Culture and Democracy
Name Description
Culture, SOciety and Identify This line of research will focus on human societies as it seeks to identify and explore, in an analytical way, their socio-anthropological characteristics, standards and norms, their systems of belonging and identity classification; it will focus on an analysis of social and cultural practices unveiling important contemporary processes, such as emerging processes of socio-economic mobility, market domain and financialization of economic life, transformations in the consumer world, religious revitalization and new therapeutic practices, informationalization of society by the media, emergence of new lifestyles, innovative practices in social discipline and control; construction of methodological sensitivities necessary for research on these topics.
Political Institutions and Democracy The goal of this line of research is to investigate the main political institutions from theoretical and empirical perspectives. National, sub-national and international state institutions (Executive and Legislative powers), relations between State and Society (Political Parties, Elections, Civil Society), Judicial Powers (at national and local levels) and Brazilian foreign policy are central research areas. Additionally, political behavior will be a topic of study both within political institutions (political elites) and among the population in general, considering both traditional forms of participation, such as voting, and alternative forms, such as direct and/or deliberative democracy mechanisms.
Social Movements, Public Policy and Citizenship This line of research will focus on the organization of modern societies in light of the development of citizenship and democracy, and public policies focused on their legal framework, their implementation and implications; this line analyzes the conflicts and the formation of new social cleavages; it investigates the history of social movements and organizations and their potential to change society; it seeks to integrate empirical research with the development of social theory.

Research Structures