To produce Masters and PhD of Social Sciences; promote and advise empirical and theoretical research papers; design and carry out research projects collecting data, designing projects and ideas, in research areas within the Social Sciences; train professors to teach at the higher education level and researchers to work in public, private and non-government organizations.

Relying on an interdisciplinary approach to training and knowledge production and making use of the intellectual tradition of the three component areas of Social Sciences, the Graduate Program in Social Sciences focuses on Organizations, Culture and Democracy as its area of ​​concentration.

Given the academic background and professional experience of its faculty and the fact that the perspectives of Anthropology, Political Science and Sociology provide relevant theoretical and methodological resources for understanding the reality of organizations, the Program has established political and governmental, business, religious, educational, non-governmental and international organizations as its empirical goals of research.

The Program has research nuclei and organizes national and international seminars on the issues addressed by the three lines of research, seeking to afford visibility to the intellectual production of this area and expand exchanges with researchers from other national and international academic institutions.

Capes Grade: 5
Master’s: 24 credits
Doctorate: 36 credits
Master’s: minimum of 12 and maximum of 30 months
Doctorate: minimum of 30 and maximum of 54 months