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Ecology and Evolution of Biodiversity
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Ecology and Conservation This line of research encompasses projects focusing on ecological relationships among organisms and with their environment, including studies of autecology, ecophysiology, behavior, population dynamics and community ecology, as well as projects aiming to provide scientific bases for biodiversity conservation strategies.
Systematics and Evolution The research line brings together projects related to the evolution of biodiversity, including studies in phylogenetic systematics (using morphological and molecular data, including phylogenomics), taxonomy, comparative morphology, biogeography, evolutionary genetics, and comparative genomics.
The research line brings together projects focused on the use of large amounts of information ('big data') and the development of innovative data mining and analysis methodologies (e.g., employing machine learning) to investigate issues related to the characterization, monitoring, and conservation of biodiversity
The research line encompasses projects aimed at applying ecological data, biodiversity component analyses, and/or interdisciplinary studies to solve problems with more direct socio-environmental and/or economic impact. This includes studies in the fields of ecotoxicology and environmental microbiology with a focus on the characterization, monitoring, and mitigation of environmental impacts, as well as the development of more sustainable agricultural methods using components of Brazil's native biodiversity. It also includes projects aimed at developing innovative products from biodiversity sources and/or integrating biodiversity analyses into regional economic development models with a focus on environmental sustainability.

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Centro de Pesquisas e Conservação da Natureza Pró-Mata NELSON FERREIRA FONTOURA