2019 is coming to an end but the achievements and progress we made are here to stay. We will continue working towards excellence in teaching, research and extension as we know that investments in education are essential for us to move forward. Find out more about the highlights of the month in our University!

Office for International Cooperation
PUCRS’ São Lucas Hospital attracts international students for internships

The PUCRS’ São Lucas Hospital (HSL) has been gaining popularity as a destination for medical internships among international students from PUCRS’ partner institutions. As one of the requirements for completion of a Medical School degree, internships make it possible for students to have a real immersion into the profession, with the direct supervision of faculty.
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International students immersed into the Semana Farroupilha and the gaúcho culture
24 international mobility students at PUCRS visited the Centro de Tradições Gaúchas (CTG) Aldeia dos Anjos, in Gravataí. The Semana Farroupilha helped them learn more about the gaucho culture and commemorate the Farroupilha Revolution, Brazil’s longest revolution.
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PUCRS featured in international carbon reduction project
The Institute for the Environment (IMA) of PUCRS is now taking part in the international project Change the Climate: Assuring the Quality of Environmental Strategies in Latin-American Higher Education. The initiative aims to develop administrative policies with a view to environmental sustainability, in order to reduce the impact of universities on the generation of greenhouse gases.
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PUCRS and HP inaugurate renovation of software innovation labs
With a more open concept and with spaces for presentations and discussions, the Software Innovation Laboratory (LIS), built in 2011, had its renovation inaugurated on October 8th. A result of the partnership between PUCRS and HP Inc., the LIS is located on the ground floor of University Building 32.
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Dietary fiber protects from bronchiolitis-causing viral infection
A study recently published in Nature Communications Journal showed that a high-fiber diet protects against severe respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) infection, a major cause of bronchiolitis in children under two years of age. The research, conducted in mice, is part of the doctoral work developed by Krist Antunes, from PUCRS’ Graduate Program in Pediatrics and Child Health.
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Research developed at PUCRS’ Applied Pharmacology Laboratory presented in Germany
PUCRS made its presence felt at the Brazil-Germany Symposium on Sustainable Development at the University of Hohenheim, in Germany. The Dean of Research Dr Fernanda Bueno Morrone attended the event, whose theme was the integration of systems for sustainable development, linking human and natural components.
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Migrations in historical and contemporary contexts discussed in research event
PUCRS was home to the 1st Journey of Research Migrations: Historical-conceptual Perspectives and Analysis of Contemporary Phenomena. The event brought together a number of researchers to have an interdisciplinary discussion on the context of migrations all over the world.
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From traditional to digital: Heini Zachariassen’s entrepreneurial vision
Heini Zachariassen, founder of Vivino, the world’s most downloaded wine app, came to PUCRS to teach the course on Digital Mindset and Lean Canvas. The course is in the curriculum of the Certificate program in Digital Transformation and Future of Business, which is offered online.
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Fernando Catroga awarded honorary degree from PUCRS
The Universidade de Coimbra professor, Dr Fernando José de Almeida Catroga was awarded an honorary Degree from PUCRS. The award was given by the Law School along with the School of Humanities. His 21 years of intense work with PUCRS has helped him make a major contribution to the development of the Graduate Program in Criminal Sciences as well as to a number of activities involving other programs.
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International Seminar of History of Literature has the presence of Ascensión Rivas Hernández
The 13th International Seminar of History of Literature and the Journey Cameo Portraits: Biography of Women Writers from Rio Grande do Sul, was promoted by the Graduate Program in Letters (PPGL) of PUCRS School of Humanities. For the opening conference, Ascensión Rivas Hernández , a Spanish Professor from Universidad de Salamanca talked about Nélida Piñon.
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Emotional Intelligence specialist Daniel Goleman teaches at PUCRS
PUCRS opened its doors to US psychologist Daniel Goleman, recognized all over the world for being the “founding father” of emotional intelligence. Goleman, who has written a number of bestsellers that have been translated into over 40 languages, came to Brazil to teach in five PUCRS Online programs.
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PUCRS ranks atop private institutions in international ranking
The 2020 edition of THE World University Ranking, published on Wednesday, Sept 11, features PUCRS as the best private university in the south of Brazil. The institution ranks 2nd among the private institutions in the country, right behind PUC-Rio. It ranks 11th in a list that includes private and public universities
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PUCRS’ São Lucas Hospital
PUCRS’ São Lucas Hospital is engaged in patient care, and teaching and research activities, based on human values, interdisciplinary approaches, and commitment to community health. It is a non-profit general hospital that provides care for adults, young adults and children, covering virtually every medical specialty. Sitting in an area of 49,000 m², the HSL has 577 beds, more than 2,800 employees and a clinical body consisting of more than 2,000 doctors. Outpatient and emergency care, hospitalization and complementary exam services are offered at HSL.
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