Indian scholar discusses international politics and global governance

Goa University's Dattesh Parulekar will deliver opening class and extension course at PUCRS

08/08/2019 - 08h15

2019_08_05_Dattesh_divulgacaoFrom Aug 26-30, PUCRS will be opening its doors to Professor Dattesh Parulekar, from the Goa University, in India. He has been invited by the Graduate Program in Philosophy (PPGF) and History (PPGH) to deliver the opening class Changing Contours and Shifting Trajectories in International Politics: Role of India, China and Latin America, in the Global Governance, in an effort to understand its scope and depth. The session will occur on Aug 28, from 4 PM to 6 PM, at the auditorium of building 9 on the Main Campus.

The visit marks the beginning of the activities to be developed by PUCRS in partnership with the Indian institution. This partnership results from the work mission of School of Humanities professor Dr Agemir Bavaresco to India in Feb 2019. During his mission abroad, the PUCRS professor had the opportunity to give a lecture at the university, as well as to meet with professors from the Center for Latin American Studies, at the institution’s Philosophy department.

Graduate course and extension program

In addition to the opening class, Professor Dattesh Parulekar will teach a Special Topics course for graduate students of History and Philosophy. The course will also be open to students from other programs of the university. Students will have the chance to attend the course Global Politics and Strategic World View as an extension activity. In this case, no early registration is required as it will be open to the external community, but will depend on the number of seats available. The Graduate Program in History is available for further information: [email protected].

Cooperation in focus

Working meetings and collaborative project developments should also mark the visit of the Indian scholar to PUCRS. For Dr Luciano Aronne de Abreu, the coordinator of PPGH, the visit of Parulekar is another important action for the internationalization of graduate programs. As partnerships with India are new to us, we are still to cement our ties. “Professor Dattesh is the first of, perhaps, many other scholars who could eventually come from the University of Goa. Students are also expected to come. Secondly, we should also add that this is the first action of internationalization that has been developed jointly between the Graduate Programs in History and Philosophy”, he adds.

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