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Constitutional Principles of Public and Private Law
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Efficacy and Effectiveness of the Constitution and Basic Rights in Public and Private Law In addition to dealing with the systematic study of the theory of fundamental rights and Constitution, this line of research is intended to provide a critical analysis of the influence of the constitutional system and of the fundamental rights on public and private laws.
Hermeneutics, Justice and the Constitutional State This line of research is concerned with the major lines of contemporary hermeneutics and their role in judicial interpretation, with emphasis on its relations with the Theories of Justice and the major lines of Constitutional States, taken as a Socio-environmental and Democratic State of Law.
Law, Science, Technology & Innovation This line of research is intended to explore the relationship between Law, Technology & Innovation in a broad way, including the legal actions carried out in the process of development of technology and innovation, be them protective - by means of copyrights protection -, promotional - by means of tax law -, tax breaks-related - or even regulatory, by means of constitutional, civil and administrative law, up to innovations per se, inherent to the law itself and to the legislation which, in our current times, has been proven to be in favor of the power of the State in a democratic society, in the area of the rights to information, as well as in the area of corporate responsibility: corporate governances, risk management and, notably, the responsibility for fulfilling Compliance duties, once it has played a side role in the structure of law, in relation to the State, and protection prospects against future risks to the stability of Rule-based democracies, especially Human and Fundamental Rights. Then, we are intent on making a valuable contribution to discussions on Law and Development both at the national and international level.
General Theory of Jurisdiction and Proceedings
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Jurisdiction, Effectiveness and Instrumentality of the Proceedings The general theory of both comparative and Brazilian jurisdiction will be analyzed in a systemic and critical way, geared towards the effectiveness and instrumentality of judicial proceedings as a means of conduction of the principles of justice and fundamental rights in the Constitutional State.

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Centro de Análises Econômicas e Sociais HERMILIO PEREIRA DOS S FILHO