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Constitutional Principles of Public and Private Law
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Efficacy and Effectiveness of the Constitution and Basic Rights in Public and Private Law In addition to dealing with the systematic study of the theory of fundamental rights and Constitution, this line of research is intended to provide a critical analysis of the influence of the constitutional system and of the fundamental rights on public and private laws.
Law, Science, Technology & Innovation The present line of research intends to explore in a broader way the relations between Law, Technology & Innovation, from the functions exercised by law in the process of technology and innovation development, in several domains, whether in Public Law, or in Private Law and in the Process. Of particular relevance is the impact of technologies on fundamental rights (human dignity, personality rights, the right to information, data protection, social rights, the relationship between Law and the Internet, the impact of Artificial Intelligence and the Biotechnology, to name a few), as well as the role of taxation (for example, in the field of tax incentives), regulation and even good public and corporate governance (which includes the compliance institute), in addition to innovations in the legal system itself. legal.
General Theory of Jurisdiction and Proceedings
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Jurisdiction, Effectiveness and Instrumentality of the Proceedings The general theory of jurisdiction – in Brazil and in a comparative perspective – is analyzed in a systematic and critical way, focused on the effectiveness and instrumentality of the process as a means of realizing the principles of justice and fundamental rights in the Constitutional State. In addition, the relationship between the effectiveness of the jurisdiction and the instrumentality of the process constantly takes on new meanings, as well as the diversity and quality of the dimensions and impacts that relate to this articulation grows, especially with regard to the protection and promotion of fundamental rights and guarantees. In this context, the specificities that the process must cover in adapting to the particularities of the various branches of material law are investigated. In addition, always taking into account the legal-constitutional framework, the specificities that the process must cover are investigated to deal with the problems and challenges related to the implementation of the constitutional program, whether in the civil sphere, or with regard to labor relations and taxes. Likewise, aspects related to the collective process and the structural process, the consolidation of the guarantee of access to justice and the role to be assumed by technology in the resolution of disputes are analyzed. In all cases, what is burked up is the construction of a process that is more compatible with the Constitutional State understood as a Democratic, Social and Ecological State of Law.

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CDEA – Centro de Estudos Europeus e Alemães DRAITON GONZAGA DE SOUZA
Centro de Análises Econômicas e Sociais HERMILIO PEREIRA DOS S FILHO