a) To qualify students and professionals, by providing them with deeper insights into teaching, research and innovation activities.

b) To produce professionals from an interdisciplinary perspective to conduct consultancy work and work in public and private companies, in the areas of bioethics, biotechnology, environmental studies, corporate ethics, cognitive science centers, and in other areas of interface between Theoretical Philosophy and Applied Ethics.

c) To provide social insertion and fellowship based on continuous training of researchers and teachers, on the integration and cooperation with other programs and research centers in order to keep its status as an area of professional development as well as research and graduate studies.

d) To continue developing cutting-edge research and teaching in the area of philosophy in the country, thus reaching the highest levels of excellence according to our peers and to the national evaluation committee, not only in view of quality and the regular character of scientific production of our professors, but also for the nature and excellence of our events, program and student works.

PUCRS’ Graduate Program in Philosophy is one of the oldest ones in Brazil, and, over time, it has gained recognition for its research, teaching and philosophical innovation. It follows international quality standards, as its areas of concentration, lines of research, and faculty and student research projects are carried out in national and international universities, thus expanding these activities and having a management structure, its facilities and the University library as supporting structures.

We ensure a permanent faculty, as well as collaborating and visiting professors senior and young ones, allowing the updating and renewal of the staff in order to provide balanced and harmonic guidance to students and allow the inclusion of undergraduate scientific initiation scholars in research. Our faculty and students play an active role in various research activities, such as national and international Scientific Associations, Centers, Nuclei and Groups, with intense exchanges with higher education institutions.

The Program produces the Veritas journal, first released in 1955, every four months; the journal has earned grade A1 by Qualis/CAPES, and is indexed in major systems, platforms and national and international databases. Besides the Veritas journal, the program has produced the Intuitio Electronic Journal regularly, organized by students, with excellent levels of quality.

It is responsible for editing the Filosofia Series, a publication with over 200 issues, which, since 2011, has published its books in electronic and/or printed format

Capes Grade: 6
Master’s: 24 credits
Doctorate: 36 credits
Master’s: minimum of 12 and maximum of 30 months
Doctorate: minimum of 24 and maximum of 54 months