The academic and institutional goal of PUCRS’ Graduate Program in History is to establish international networks intended to promote faculty and student exchanges as well as to foster intellectual production in the area of History. The actions are intended to give more visibility to research carried out and to team’s results, seeking intellectual and academic excellence. Hence, PPGH is intent on establishing connections and investigation networks with institutions from Brazil and with several other research and teaching institutions all over the world, notably Europe, especially Portugal and Spain, in view of the Ibero-American character of the program, as well as countries traditionally connected with out professors and students, such as France, Italy, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Hungary and Denmark. PUCRS has agreements with countries such as the USA, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, etc. The institution has kept close ties with the Portuguese-speaking Africa, mostly in countries such as Angola and Mozambique.

Such relations have enabled the university to play a role in transnational historiographic issues, in view of the proposal brought forth by the PPGH, that is, Ibero-American Studies.

The Program foster constant encouragement to research and to the visibility of professors and students into academic life both nationally and internationally and, hence, it is intent on seeking constant collaboration with visiting professors, from both Brazil and overseas, as well as post-doc researchers, which enables an expansion of research networks.

The main aim of PUCRS’ Graduate Program in History is to produce researchers and professors in History, emphasizing an open practice to contemporary inter- and multidisciplinary experiences, and theoretical and methodological approaches in line with international-level production of excellence in History.

Capes Grade: 5
Master’s: 24 credits
Doctorate: 36credits
Master’s: minimum of 18 and maximum of 30 months
Doctorate: minimum of 24 and maximum of 54 months